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Main Products

Rubber/plastic family
a) Rubber O-ring
b) Rubber Oil-seals with/without metal bone
c) Urethane oil-seals
d) V-packaging
e) Gasket with/without PTFE jacket
f) Gasket with/without metal bone
Asbestos/non-asbestos family
g) Asbestos gasket with/without PTFE jacket
h) Non-asbestos gasket with/without PTFE jacket
PTFE family
i) Gasket
j) O-ring
k) V-packaging assembly
l) Slope-shaped ring for ball valves
m) Seal rings for use in shafts and pistons

Graphite family
n) Graphite ring with/without metal filament reinforcement
o) Gasket with inner reinforcement using steel plate or stainless steel plate

Spiral-wounded gasket family
p) Spiral-wounded gasket with/without inner ring or outer ring
q) Spiral-wounded gasket with fillers of graphite, asbestos/non-asbestos, or PTFE

Metal family
r) Gasket of carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium
s) Serrated gasket of carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium
t) Ring-joint gasket of iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium
u) Stainless tube O-ring

Grand packing family
a) Compressed asbestos fiber (CAF) with/without metal filament
b) Graphite plus CAF with/without metal filament
c) PTFE fiber with/without graphite
d)Carbon fiber e) Ceramic fiber f) GFO fiber
g) Other fibers

Sealing materials

v) Flange insulation kit

Main service

Both large and small number of orders are welcome
Consultation of sealing technology or products
Design and manufacturing of substitutes
of products made by foreign makers

High quality Low cost Good service